Once you have gone through the steps below you may learn how to use FSCRater Bridging.

  1. Download ControlBridge.exe from the download page and save the file in the drive where you installed FSCRater (example: C:\WinFSC\Program\).
  2. Open FSCRater and click the “Setup Wizard” button (figure 1). (figure 1)
  3. Once the “Setup Wizard” window opens (figure 2), click the “Next” button until you reach the “Setup Wizard – Bridges” window (see figure 3). (figure 2)
  4. In the “Setup Wizard – Bridges” window (figure 3), click the “New” button. (figure 3)
  5. In the “New – Bridge Setup” window (figure 4), please enter the values as shown and click “OK” when complete. NOTE: Make sure in the “Path” you enter the drive letter (figure 4 shows “C:” as an example) where you have installed FSCRater. (figure 4)
  6. After the “New – Bridge Setup” window closes (figure 4), you will return to “Setup Wizard – Bridges” window (figure 5).Click the “Next” button until you reach the “Finished” button and click it to close “Setup Wizard”.

     (figure 5)